Camp Rentals

Sawaeed Residential Compound (SRC) 

Sawaeed Investment LLC is a subsidiary of Sawaeed Employment LLC founded to build staff and workers accommodation in UAE. SRC is our first workers accommodation located at Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi.

The Company is currently studying and planning to build high quality, affordable staff and workers accommodation in Dubai and other Emirates.

SRC is appoved by Zones Corp and is fully equipped with modern facilities spacious enough to accommodate in excess of 6200 workers managed and operated at very high standards.

Facilities Offered at SRC

Admin Office

Help Desk Office operating 24 x 7 available to the residents,  Controlled and monitored by CCTV surveillance coverage,  with HSE and first aid support services.

Security and Service

The accommodation has been secured with 24 x 7 security services with qualified secuirty staff that has been trained with basic first aid and firefighting skills.


Compound Rooms

762 Rooms to accommodate technicians and skilled/unskilled workers.

Compound Capacity 

711 rooms with 10 bed space & 51 Rooms with 8 Bed space.  Bed space can be reduced to 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 depending on our Client's requirements.  Clients shall pay the entire room rent.  



Room Accessories

Bunk Beds, Personal Lockers, Mattress, Pillows, Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Wall Hangers, Window Curtains, Split Air Conditioners, Smart TV, wifi facility, Shoe Liners  etc..



A professional Catering Team with a  fully equipped kitchen is made available on the premises big enough to serve a large number of workforce 3 meals every day.  Hot lunch can be delivered to the worksites upon request (transportation cost shall apply)


Hospital /clinic 

A well-equipped clinic of “Al Noor Hospital” is made available on the premises to provide immediate care manned with professional medical staff.  Al Mafraq Hospital is located at very close distance and the residents can be rushed immediately in case of medical emergencies.


Sufficient water  and electricity, drinking water coolers, Green Garden Areas with common sitting benches is available


Laundry Services

Industrial laundry services is provided to the residents and is personally managed by our facility team to ensure efficient and quality laundry services to the residents.

Toilets and Showers

Sufficient toilets and showers have been provided to meet the requirements of the residents.



Grocery Shops, Mobile Phone Shops is available to meet the day- to- day needs of the residents.


Housekeeping and Waste Management Services are available to ensure cleanliness in and around the premises. 


Sports & Leisure

Established playing areas for volley ball, cricket, football, carroms and other indoor games are available for the residents.


Social and cultural activities

Corporate Social Responsibility events, and  fun sport activities are conducted for the residents. Residents are also taken to participate in other events in the city.



Mosque is available for offering prayers.



Transportation is provided from and to worksite for residents of Sawaeed Employment LLC, same can be provided to other clients at an agreed cost.Also has easy access to Public Transportation (Buses) and Taxis.


Contact our Sales team for viewing and more information.