Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Direct payroll processing is a time-consuming process.  Outsourcing your payroll can free up your staff time and allow them to focus on other important activities.  Whether you are an onshore or offshore organization employing international workforce in UAE, it is mandatory to process the payroll of employees and pay the salries through Wages Protection System (WPS) implemented by UAE Labour Law.  The WPS system was developed by the UAE Central Bank and Ministry of Labour to ensure timely and full payment of salaries to the employees.  Companies that do not follow the WPS system are subject to face penalties, cancellation of work permits, fines etc.,

We have a team of highly qualified in house onshore payroll team  that can process payroll of employees (upto 10000 employees) through a customized ERP setup which has been developed as per the requirements of the UAE Labour Law by which the employees salaries are transferred electronically to banks and financial institutions  that are approved and authorised by the Central Bank. 

Process - Meet & Understand Client Requirements, Sign Service Level Agreements, In put from client to create master data i.e., gather employee details (Employee monthly package and benefits, employee bank account details, etc., and update on our ERP System, receive timesheets electronically on an agreed date every month), process payroll, transfer salaries to the employees through WPS, Pay Slip Generation, Time attendance management records, etc.,

Benefits of payroll outsourcing:

* Cost effective

* Reliable

* Accuracy

* Hassle free

* Accountability

* Speed

* Security

* Statutory Compliance

* You dont have to hire a team in-house to work on your payroll.

* Better employee productivity, margins, and time for your business.