Workers Training Center

A Training Center was established by Sawaeed Employment LLC in Mussafah Industrial City to provide training in the fields of carpentry, steel fixing, electrical, plumbing, painting and masonry works.  This was started to bring together under one roof tradesmen from different countries to be trained professionally on the job requirements in UAE before they are mobilized to our Clients.  The Client's technical team are allowed to visit our trade test centre to conduct the skill assessment test and select the most suitable tradesmen for their projects. 

 Types of Training
  • In house training - Training courses are conducted for Sawaeed tradesmen on a daily basis in order to enhance workers skills and development.


  • Outbound training-  Based on Clients' request, tradesmen can be trained for an agreed duration for the above mentioned skills.  If our Clients' require 3rd Party certiication in UAE, the tradesmen will be sent to external  training institutiona to obtain the certification for instance like (Riggers, Scaffolders, Welders etc)

In house Training 

Newly recruited workers - Upon arrival, our tradesmen are evaluated in our training center and classified into different grades.  Tradesmen with lower level skills are put on a training course to upgrade their skills before they are mobilzed to our Clients' sites.  All new recruits are given induction training on the requiremens of UAE, UAE Labour Law, Do's and Dont's, followed by training on their skills.

Existing Workers - Refresher trainings are conducted for our  existing tradesmen in order to refresh and enhance their development skillsets. This take places based on worker performances, evaluation.

Cross Training - In order to upgrade and develop the tradesmen are trained with more than one skills so they can perform multiple jobs and progress in their careers as chargehands or supervisors.