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White collar workers in the UAE make up about 40% of the total workforce. These are the frontline workers who have a strong impact on user experience and influence the public’s perception of the brand they represent. Our selection process hand picks those with strong social and communication skills. To fully equip them, we train white collar workers to handle emergency situations and the capability to impress clients.


In line with the UAE’s vision and Emiratization target for 2021-2023, the government’s aim to urge establishments to proactively hire Emirati locals in a white collar profession in turn will get discounted fees from the Ministry. Moreover, save on administration costs and airline tickets and on health insurance Our current recruitment initiative goes beyond the defining features in the government, semi-government and private sectors.
White Collar Manpower Supplier in UAE
Banking and Financial Outsourcing Services in UAE

Banking and Finance

Finding the right candidate for your banking and financial services role takes effort, but connecting with Sawaeed can help streamline the process. Our staffing solutions, including corporate banking, risk management and lending services, have helped many leading businesses in the industry find talented employees. Our recruitment consultants come from backgrounds in banking and finance, giving them a unique understanding of the hiring needs for banking and financial services roles. In addition, we treat every client as a partner, so we work with you to understand your hiring requirements before sending you candidates that match your needs.

Media and Creative Staffing

Sawaeed recognizes creative talent and knows how to leverage it for the success of your business. As a leading media and creative white collar staffing agency, Sawaeed provides both small and large companies with exceptional creative talent in white collar professions that can help grow their businesses.

Over the years, we have helped many companies build their dream team by matching the right person to the right job. Whether you are looking for UI/UX designers, digital marketers, copywriters or account managers, we can help you put together your desired team.

Outsource UI/UX Design Services
white collar recruitment agency in uae

IT and Telecom

Mobile and land-line communications largely dominate the industry, however the development of the internet and wireless technologies has greatly impacted on the services Telecoms businesses provide. IT functions also play a key role in supporting operations and this has created an affiliation between the two fields.

Sawaeed can help place aspiring job seekers into IT & Telecoms. The majority of positions fall into the areas of Mobile Communication, Telephone Systems, IT Solutions Development, Installation, Sales and Technical Support.

Administrative Staffing

Our business is people. We listen carefully to clients and candidates to understand their needs so that we can match the skills, experience and goals of our candidates with the exact requirements of the employer. It’s all about “fit”.

We focus on junior, intermediate and senior level administrative positions.

white-collar professional recruitment in UAE

Improve recruitment results and reduce costs

Finding the right staff to fill vacancies in multiple locations can be expensive and time-consuming. Sawaeed can step in to provide a bespoke solution, relieving HR departments of the hassle of vetting, interviewing, testing and shortlisting suitable candidates.

Sawaeed offers a comprehensive service that is both time-efficient and cost-effective. All aspects of the recruitment process can be carried out remotely, including shortlisting, psychometric testing, and preparing candidates for interviews. By carrying out the entire process remotely the client saves money on their own travel, and accommodation costs.

White Collar Employment in the UAE

Sawaeed Employment LLC, as a leading white collar recruitment consultant, is the United Arab Emirates’ go-to provider for human capital and resource personnel of the highest calibre. All the workers our organisation deploys to our clients serve as valuable assets to their organisations and carry out their duties with integrity.

White Collar Staffing Services 

Of the numerous types of skills and training that we put our candidates through, we are especially known for our white-collar staffing personnel. Statistically, white-collar employees in the United Arab Emirates make up close to 40% of the total workforce. These workers have a significant impact on the services and influence the public’s perception of the organisation. With this in mind, our organisation strives to cater to the learning and development needs of our white-collar employees; this includes the C-Suite as well as middle and junior-level staff. While with Sawaeed Employment, this learning is accompanied by a deep emphasis on enhancing the key competencies to drive business performance at all levels. We work hard to be the one-stop service for white collar outsourcing in the UAE that organisations are looking for. Sawaeed Employment LLC can provide resource personnel who can carry out services in the domestic and hospitality sectors; In addition to this, we also cater to entities in the construction sectors, as well as building, oil and gas, and facility management manpower supply. In essence – we have workforce solutions for every one of your white-collar and blue-collar needs!

Qualified Candidates from Every Industry

Before being allowed to carry out their tasks and duties in the worksites, we ensure that our trainees are given specific training to refine their work skills and align with the requirements of the white-collar labour market in the United Arab Emirates. The trainees under the wing of our centre have an advantage over their peers as they have the opportunity to graduate with practical experience in their chosen field, and this allows them to hit the ground running once they begin their full-time white collar employment with the clients they have been placed with. These candidates are rigorously trained by a qualified white collar recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi to become seamless but efficient additions to organisations in every sector, including Banking, Finance, Media, Emiratisation, Media, IT & Telecom sectors. They take on roles for administrative staffing and are valuable assets in other capacities as well.

Why Choose Sawaeed?

We are Committed to the Highest Level of Service and Quality

Sawaeed Employment LLC is one of the largest and leading white collar manpower supplier and training centres here in the United Arab Emirates, and we have successfully become the first choice for all our client’s staffing needs in the region. Over the past few years, we, as a white collar professional recruitment company, have built a strong system and team of subject matter experts that help us deliver value-based staffing supply solutions. This takes place in the form of training, assessments, and consultancy services not just limited to white collar outsourcing in Abu Dhabi, but also to cater to a wide range of market segments, including blue-collar employees across the industries.

State of the Art Facilities

In our commitment to training quality employees, we have built a new modern facility located at ICAD 3 District, Abu Dhabi. This facility is built in approximately 13000 sq. metres with highly sophisticated practical labs, classrooms, computer labs for theory exams, waiting halls, etc. This top-tier training centre is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and is completely committed to its trainees’ coaching. Our accomplished academic trainers have experience in multiple vocational fields to deliver quality training solutions to our trainees! Choose Sawaeed Employment LLC for a swift and easy transition for companies that require qualified manpower services. Choose Sawaeed Employment LLC for our quality services and exceptionally efficient white collar employment.

24×7 Service and Support | Sawaeed is here to help fulfil all your staffing needs

Sawaeed Employment LLC, as a white collar manpower supplier, offers a reliable end-to-end manpower solution, beginning from initial recruitment and training all the way to full contract support. We train our candidates in numerous fields to become assets in whichever stream they wish to enter into. These candidates provide 24×7 service and support to the organisations that they are dispatched to. The candidates chosen by the leading white collar recruitment agency are handpicked for their strong social and communication skills and have proven to be efficient and capable workers with the placement locations they have been dispatched to.

Awards and Honours

Sawaeed Employment LLC has been bestowed numerous laurels to mark its quality contribution to the field of outsourcing manpower and resource personnel. This is inclusive of awards from bodies such as the Al Jazeera Club, ADNOC, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the Ministry of Labour, and the Zones Corporation, to mention a few. Other honours include the UAE Business Mea Market Award 2018, UAE Business Mea Market Award – 2 2018, the Capital Health Award 2019, and Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, amongst others.


We currently possess the following certifications:
  • ISO Certification, Provision Of Manpower Outsourcing For All Type Of Industries
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • EIAC 021-CB-QMS
  • EIAC 021-CB-EMS
  • Etihad Aviation Group, Local Content Partner Certification
  • ADNOC ICV Certificate
In addition to the above, to mark the quality of our trainees and the calibre of their skills, Sawaeed Training Centre is approved by Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical & Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) as a Training Provider of technical and management programs. Created by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, ACTVET presides over technical and vocational training, committed to establishing policies and standards that effectively regulate technical and vocational educational institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Our ACTVET licence is: 0641/2017

Recent White Collar Placement

Sawaeed Employment LLC, one of the top manpower services has partnered with over 300 leading businesses from different industries, including Al Naboodah, Fibrex, GGGI, ADMAC, Dolphin Energy, YAS Marina Circuit, twofour54, and numerous others for white collar employment. Our continued collaborations with these prestigious entities reinforce our belief in our white-collar trainees’ abilities and skill set. With the advent of globalisation and as the labour market becomes more and more specialised, economies have begun demanding a higher level of skill. As a result of this, governments and businesses have been investing more heavily in the future of blue-collar and white-collar employees and their training with the help of a quality white collar staffing agency.

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Using a white-collar recruitment agency streamlines the outsourcing process for specialised positions. The agency’s extensive network and expertise ensure qualified candidates are found efficiently, saving time and resources. Additionally, a white-collar recruitment agency understands industry-specific demands, offering tailored solutions for a company’s unique requirements.
White-collar employment agencies utilise various strategies to find suitable candidates. They tap into their extensive databases and network and use social media to identify potential white-collar workers. These agencies also screen and assess white-collar workers for specific skills and qualifications, ensuring the best match for employers.
Yes, some white-collar employment agencies offer white-collar outsourcing services, including visa sponsorship assistance for international candidates. Through white-collar outsourcing services, these agencies manage the complexities of immigration procedures, ensuring that both the employer and candidate comply with the legal requirements for employment and residency.
White-collar workers are typically associated with office-based, professional roles in various industries such as finance, law, healthcare, technology, and administration. Common positions for white-collar workers include accountants, lawyers, engineers, managers, and IT professionals. These roles usually involve mental or clerical work rather than manual labour.
Employers, often with the assistance of a white-collar recruitment agency, look for key skills and competencies in white-collar workers, such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, and technical proficiency. Additionally, industry-specific knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability are highly sought after by companies through a white-collar recruitment agencies.
Finance, technology, healthcare, and legal industries commonly utilise white-collar outsourcing services. A white-collar staffing agency specialises in providing skilled professionals for these sectors, ensuring that companies have access to the talent needed for specific roles without the overheads associated with full-time employment through a white-collar staffing agency.
When selecting a white-collar manpower supplier, businesses should consider factors like industry expertise, reputation, track record, and the ability to meet specific requirements. Assess their recruitment processes, candidate screening methods, and customer support. It’s crucial to choose a reliable white-collar manpower supplier that aligns with your business goals and values.

White-collar staffing agencies ensure quality and efficiency through rigorous candidate screening, interviews, and assessments. They verify qualifications, experience, and skills to match candidates with the right job roles. Additionally, white-collar staffing agencies use their extensive industry knowledge and networks to source top talent, ensuring high quality and efficiency in their offerings.

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