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10 Blue Collar Jobs that Pay Well

Are you looking for a blue-collar job that pays you well? Then join us in this blog post.

Blue-collar jobs mainly refer to the working class who perform different manual labor. They are usually paid by hours or by the project. These workers are majorly active in various industries like construction, warehousing, manufacturing, oil fields, technical installation and sanitation. It generally does not require formal education, but it needs someone highly specialized and skilled in performing the assigned tasks.


Below we have mentioned the top 10 Blue Collar Employment opportunities that are in massive demand and pay well.

  1. Elevator installer and repair person

For this job, you must complete a four-year apprenticeship program with a high-school diploma as its highest qualification. Once qualified, you will most likely read elevator blueprints, repair cables and motors and locate multifunctional components. Moreover, this role requires problem-solving skills, so if you enjoy doing it, you can excel in this line and get decent to high pay.

  1. Electrical repair and installer 

If you can do field work and don’t fear heights, you can opt for electrical installer and repair as a career. In this role, you will perform repair work like fixing telecommunication cables in your local area. However, a Blue-Collar Worker needs to have a good amount of prior experience in the same field and three years of apprenticeship to get this opportunity.

The power line installers and repairs will get a higher median salary.

  1. Pile driver operators

To get this job, you are not required to have any educational qualification, as this role needs only three to four years of training in heavy equipment operations. The workers must operate pile drivers to provide foundation support to structures, buildings and bridges. In this job, you will also maintain the equipment, supervise the workers, inspect, and keep records.

  1. Power plant operator

In the Blue Collar Employment Agency, UAE, this job role is in high demand as this opportunity does not require any certifications, diplomas or qualifications. But, applicants with post-secondary education and a good understanding of math will get priority.

  1. Telecommunication equipment installer

In this job, you will be traveling from place to place installing, replacing and maintaining telecommunication equipment. However, this job required certifications or 2-3 years of computer science and electrician degrees.

  1. Police officer

It is a prestigious position for any Blue Collar Worker who is passionate about making the community a safer place to live. To pursue this career, a person needs to be at least 21 years old, physically fit to attend a police academy, and have a qualified high school degree.

  1. Powerhouse substation and relay repair

This career is suitable for someone who loves working with hands and has problem-solving skills since this job role includes identifying and resolving electrical issues. Besides that, an applicant must need a diploma or certificate from a community college or technical institution.

  1. Construction and Building Inspectors

The roles and responsibilities of this position are that the person is responsible for inspecting and reviewing commercial and residential buildings to ensure they comply with respective building codes. To get a job in this line of work, you need a college diploma in construction, architecture and engineering.

  1. Aircraft mechanics and service engineers

To become a certified Blue Collar Worker in aircraft mechanics and service tech, you must qualify for the FAA written exam. The technicians must perform scheduled repairs and maintenance on jets, helicopters and airplanes.

  1. Petroleum pump system operators

It is a physically demanding position as the equipment is installed regularly and moved from one location to another. However, most filling stations require high-school qualified candidates, and it takes one year of work experience to get trained for this position.


Final verdict 

There are plenty of highest-paying Blue-Collar jobs available in the market that you will find interesting. In the end, select a job role that you enjoy and that matches your skills and strengths.

However, if you still have questions about Blue Collar Employment, don’t hesitate to contact us via comments.


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