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Blue Collar Staffing Agency in UAE

Developments in building technology and a surfeit of construction projects, the demand for hard-hat and entry-level jobs in blue collar manpower services in the UAE has grown steadily. We pattern our selection process based on industry and individual client’s requirements Coupled with thorough selection process and intensive training conducted at Sawaeed Training Center LLC you are guaranteed to have the right people working for you.


It is evident that the current race to raise skylines, mile-high skyscrapers, and towering giant buildings around the country is coming closer to reality. Skillful hands of blue-collar workers are a necessity. Thus, as one of the top blue collar hiring companies in the UAE, ensure that only qualified and competent candidates are chosen to maintain an edge in this ever-competitive market.

People from all walks of life, across job roles, small- and large-scale businesses, encounter several battles and combats to overcome in terms of Employment. Recruitment and Hiring. Success Story is always our pride.

As a manpower and blue collar recruitment agency in the UAE, it is our nature to respond to the blue-collar employment demand of the region. We believe this gives organizations more time to strengthen the core business process than the supporting ones. By allowing us to plan your risk-mitigating factors better, you reduce operational and recruitment costs in the process.

As a blue-collar manpower services company, we are always evolving and expanding our portfolio to help employ the right people for our clients’ open positions by finding, hiring, training and deploying the ideal candidate.

Mason Helper Block/Brick Mason Tile Mason Charg Hand
Plaster Mason Shuttering Carpenter All Round Mason
Steel Fixer Manual Painter Gypsum Board Carpenter
Scaffolder Tile Mason Foreman Helper
Marble Mason Machine Plaster Mason Site Charge Hand Helper
Concrete Mason Molding Machin Operator Charge Hand Steel
C/H Shuttering Carpenter Charge Hand Steel Fixer Structural Fitter
Charge Hand Scaffolder Blaster Painter Machine Spray Painter
Sand Blaster Painter Timekeeper Tower Crane Operator
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oil and gas manpower supply companies in uae

Oil and Gas Manufacturing

The world of oil and gas is diverse and multi-faceted. Hence, there will always be a need for people based on business requirements. Our rigorous selection process proves to assess and hire candidates who are not only academically qualified but also possess the soft skills required to perform their duties and responsibilities.
Rigger Trench Digger Operator Digging Operator
Drill Machine Operator Forklift Operator Multi Welder
SMAW/GTAWI FCAW/Welder Millwrights Mechanic Mechanical Helpers


The scarcity of manufacturing workers is becoming apparent. Taking into consideration to bring onboard people who possess problem-solving skills and dependability among other soft skills, present a serious skills gap.
Helper General Loading / Unloading Helper Furnishing Carpenter Helper
Moulding Maker Furnishing Carpenter Finishing Carpenter
Furnishing Carpenter Aluminum Fabricator MIG/ARC Welder
Steel/Pipe Fabricator Structural Fabricator Sheet Metal Fabricator
Structural Welder
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MEP/civil workers in UAE


With the high demand for various forms of MEP projects today, the industry is in the lookout for people who deliver. Our process empowers our clients to accomplish their objectives and give a boost to their businesses through the choice of skilled and proficient workers.
Mechanics Diesel/Petrol Engine Mechanic Mechanical Operator
Insulator Maintenance Technician MEP Technician
CNC machine tool programmers Plumbers Welders Electricians
Plumbers HVAC Technicians Mechanical Helpers

Logistics and Supply Chain

On average, we spend 408 days of our lives commuting to and from work. That’s well over a year trusting our lives to the transport workers.

Our recruitment includes the ability to identify their distinct personalities. At the same time, we look for those who are capable to perform tasks that are tactile, physical or mechanical.

Light Vehicle Driver Messenger Cum Driver Heavy Vehicle Driver
Tanker Driver Boom Truck / Trailer Driver Boom Truck Driver
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Agricultural Recruitment Agency in UAE

Agricultural, Farming and Landscaping

We provide manpower support to Agriculture & the Landscaping. It includes cultivating the soil, growing crops, raising livestock, preparation of plant and animal products for people to use and distribution to markets.
Agriculture Helper Agricultural Technician Agriculture Labourer
Livestock and Dairy Farmer Shepherd Livestock Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer Landscaping Gardner Gardner

Maritime, off/on-shore

Maritime off/onshore work is as old as the first boats that put to sea. We provide expert and customized maritime staffing solutions to help you achieve your operational tasks.
Seaman Boatswain Ship Painter
Ship Electrician Deckhand Supervisor
Fisher Welder Sailor
Ship Loader/ Unloader Structural Fitter Forklift Operator
Tractor Operator
customized maritime staffing solutions in uae

Blue Collar Recruitment in UAE

Here at Sawaeed Employment LLC, we pride ourselves on being a quality provider of human capital and resource personnel. Our blue collar staffing agency strongly believes that the biggest asset of any business is its employees and workers, and this is the reason that all successful organisations invest in efficient and competent personnel.

We strive to become the one-stop blue collar manpower services that your project is looking for. Our organisation can provide efficient and capable resource personnel who can carry out services in the fields of construction and building, oil and gas, hospitality, government, manufacturing, facilities management, financial services and other sectors.

All our personnel are also taught while with us as trainees; they learn nuances of civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing activities as well. Customised courses are designed for construction and the maintenance division as well.

Aside from these skill sets, we equip our trainees with skills in the domestic and hospitality sectors too! We have workforce personnel solutions for all your needs.

Blue Collar Staffing Services at Sawaeed Employment LLC​

With every passing day and the rapid rate of modernisation here in the United Arab Emirates, the requirements for more hard hats and entry-level blue-collar jobs have been steadily rising.Of our numerous available staffing solutions, Sawaeed Employment LLC’s most popular service is that of our blue collar employment. We are a value-driven blue collar employment agency in UAE, committed to providing specialised and professional blue collar labour outsourcing for our clients.

Sawaeed Employment LLC is a reliable entity with years of expertise in the construction sector. Our team of specially trained blue-collar workers can collaborate and engage with clients to handle multiple aspects of construction related tasks while delivering excellence with each task carried out; these trainees specialise in civil, MEP, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain tasks of all kinds, including but not limited to scaffolding, masonry, welding, and other technical tasks.

How do we match the right candidate with the right job?

At the training centre, trainers emphasise the importance of rigorous assessments and highlight the practical application of the skillsets imparted during the candidates’ training. These efforts allow us to say with confidence that all our candidates are the right fit for whatever job you have! The detailed curriculums and effective practical training imparted will ensure that these trainees are assets to any organisation that they ultimately work with.

In addition to the above, we pattern our selection based on the industry along with individual client requirements. This further allows us to ensure that only competent blue-collar workers are dispatched to our clients’ sites for their specific needs.

Why Choose Sawaeed Employment LLC?

As one of the largest, leading blue collar manpower services and training centres in the United Arab Emirates, our aim is to be the first choice for all our client’s manpower requirements and training needs in the region. We have a strong system and team of subject matter experts that help us deliver value-based manpower supply solutions. This takes place in the form of training, assessments, and consultancy services not just limited to the blue-collar segment but also to cater to a wide range of market segments, including white-collar employees across the industries. If you’re looking for quality services and exceptionally efficient blue-collar personnel, choose Sawaeed Employment LLC.
  • End-to-End Labour Contract

Sawaeed offers a true end-to-end manpower solution, right from initial recruitment and training through to full contract support. We train our trainees and candidates in numerous fields to become assets in whichever stream they wish to enter into whichever company they are placed with ultimately.

  • Comprehensive Service Assurance

Sawaeed Employment LLC and its blue collar recruiter emphasises on quality service has been rewarded on numerous occasions – we have laurels to mark our contribution to the field of outsourcing manpower and resource personnel. This is inclusive of awards from bodies such as the Al Jazeera Club, ADNOC, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the Ministry of Labour, and the Zones Corporation. A few other honours that we have earned are inclusive of UAE Business Mea Market Award 2018, UAE Business Mea Market Award – 2 2018, the Capital Health Award 2019, and Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, amongst others.

  • Compliance with Health and Safety Standards

Sawaeed Employment LLC is committed to complying with only the highest health and safety standards for its trainees and personnel. We currently possess the following certifications:

  • ISO Certification, Provision Of Manpower Outsourcing For All Type Of Industries
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • EIAC 021-CB-QMS
  • EIAC 021-CB-EMS
  • Etihad Aviation Group, Local Content Partner Certification
  • ADNOC ICV Certificate


In addition to the above, to mark the quality of our trainees and the calibre of their skills, Sawaeed Training Centre is approved by Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical & Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) as a Training Provider of technical and management programs. ACTVET was created by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council to preside over technical and vocational training, committed to establishing policies and standards that effectively regulate technical and vocational educational institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Our ACTVET licence is: 0641/2017

  • Regular In-house Training

We, a professional blue collar manpower agency, impart quality training to our candidates in blue collar trades. Coupled with our expertly delivered technical education and blue collar labour outsourcing, trainees are also taught how to professionally refine their work skills to align with the requirements of the labour market in the United Arab Emirates before being allowed to carry out their tasks and duties in the clients’ worksites. A major advantage of the trainees under the wing of our training centre is that they will have the opportunity to graduate with practical experience in their chosen field, and this would allow them to hit the ground running once they begin their full-time occupations. Our training institutions prepare trainees and learners for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities. Their specialised knowledge and focus on imparting this knowledge allow our candidates to blossom in challenging environments.

Recent Blue Collar Placement

Sawaeed Employment LLC, a leading blue collar manpower agency, has partnered with over 450 leading businesses from different industries, including ADNOC, Fibrex LLC, Al Ain Farms, Abu Dhabi Ports, Mubadala Development Company, twofour54, Abu Dhabi Media, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Abu Dhabi Precast and numerous others. Our continued collaborations with these prestigious entities reinforce our belief in our trainees’ abilities and skill set.

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Construction, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and agriculture commonly utilise blue-collar manpower services. These services cater to the demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers, including tradespeople, machine operators, drivers, warehouse personnel, and construction labourers. Blue-collar manpower services help businesses meet their workforce needs efficiently in these sectors.

Utilising blue-collar manpower services provides businesses with skilled labour essential for operations. It offers flexibility in scaling the workforce as per needs, ensures cost efficiency, and saves time on recruitment and training. Additionally, it aids in compliance with labour laws and grants access to a diverse talent pool.

Yes, businesses can hire blue-collar workers on a temporary or project basis through manpower services. This approach offers flexibility, allowing companies to scale their labour force according to specific project requirements efficiently. It can be a cost-effective solution for meeting short-term blue-collar worker needs.

Blue-collar employment encompasses a wide range of manual labour jobs. Common occupations include construction workers, electricians, plumbers, factory assembly line workers, mechanics, welders, and maintenance technicians. These roles often involve hands-on physical work and may require specialised skills and training for blue-collar employment.

Yes, businesses can outsource blue-collar labour on a short-term or project basis. This practice enables companies to efficiently acquire the necessary workforce for specific durations or projects, offering flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialised skills without long-term commitments associated with blue-collar labour outsourcing.

When selecting blue-collar manpower services, businesses should consider the provider’s reputation, required trade expertise, labour laws compliance, and cost structure. It’s also essential to assess the quality of the workforce, scalability options, and the provider’s ability to meet specific project timelines and objectives through their blue-collar manpower services.

Typically, a blue-collar manpower agency ensures workers have the basic skills required. However, the extent of training or upskilling provided can vary. Some agencies might offer extensive training programs, while others may only provide workers with foundational skills. Businesses should clarify this aspect with the blue-collar manpower agency beforehand.

A blue-collar staffing agency ensures the quality and reliability of workers through a rigorous screening process. This may include background checks, skill assessments, and reference verification. Some agencies also provide training and certification programs to further enhance the skills and reliability of the workforce they supply, adding value to the blue-collar staffing agency services.

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