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Sawaeed Manpower Supply Services is a leading provider of quality human capital and resource personnel in the United Arab Emirates. We strongly believe that the biggest asset of any business is its employees, and this is why we invest in training your next best employees and workers.

Our company’s vision is one that prioritises teamwork, hard work, and open communication. As a result of this, every one of our workers embodies these principles in every task they carry out within and outside the organisation and places a strong emphasis on responsibility.

Here at Sawaeed Manpower Outsourcing Solutions, we strive to become the one-stop manpower solution that your project is looking for. Our organisation can provide resource personnel who can carry out services in construction and building, oil and gas, and facility management manpower supply. Further to this, and perhaps most importantly, we pride ourselves on our standing in the corporate world as a company that cares.
Our priorities lie in delivering quality services to our loyal patrons and maintaining the highest safety standards for our hardworking employees. We take the utmost care to maintain the highest standards in food, accommodation, and transport service quality. This directly impacts the well-being and efficiency of our employees. By covering their physical needs, we try to remove all the hassle from remote site operations.
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Labour Staff Accommodation

Sawaeed Residential City is offering a camp rental service to companies who are looking for a neat, healthy, safe, and secure environment with professionally maintained accommodation for their labour and employees. If you’re looking for sharing accommodation in Abu Dhabi, you’ll be happy to know that SRC has approved ZonesCorp accommodation and is compliant with client pre-approved standardisation, giving our patrons the confidence to trust us even more. In a bid to strive towards better communities, we are committed to providing our workers with fully functional and happy environments for rest and recreation.

Facilities Built for Well Being

We have modelled the facilities for our workers on the belief that comfortable lodgings are essential and imperative to well-being. A happy workforce is a better workforce, and this is why our worker communities enjoy the benefits of several communal areas, sports centres, recreational facilities, and necessary medical services.

Our facilities for accommodation in Abu Dhabi are equipped with 7500 beds in numerous spacious rooms. A help desk that functions all day to support workers and employees is also provided. In addition to this, we have put in a fully equipped medical clinic with readily available doctors throughout the day. The facilities have access to a pharmacy, a well-stocked grocery store, a mosque, and a dedicated food court.

The security of our workers is also of the utmost importance, which is why we have 24×7 security personnel and accompanying cameras installed. All in all – a safe and healthy environment for our prized workers to thrive!
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Location of the Labour Accommodation

Our labour camps are always close to the nearest industrial city and located in a prime location at al Mafraq 2, Abu Dhabi, with transportation providers on stand-by to ensure that the crew arrives on time. Whether it’s a single accommodation or a shared accommodation in Abu Dhabi, we have everything you need.

One Vendor for All Needs

We work hard to eradicate the stress and hassle of sourcing multiple vendors to supply every service individually at compelling charges. Our method of providing boarding, transport and food thus saves you the trouble of having to do it yourself administratively and financially.

As one of the largest manpower staffing solution services and training centres in the United Arab Emirates, our aim is to be the first choice for all our client’s training needs in the region. We have a strong system and team of subject matter experts that help us deliver value-based manpower supply solutions. We strive to maintain our reputation as a pioneer in the field of HR Consulting and Outsourcing in the United Arab Emirates and experts on staffing solutions. We believe this has been achieved largely owing to our alignment with Sawaeed Employment’s guiding principles and consistent support of our workforce and loyal patrons.

Choose Sawaeed Employment LLC for our quality services and exceptionally efficient personnel.

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