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Labour Staff Catering Services

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Sawaeed Employment LLC was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2006 by a group of 16 UAE Nationals who wished to bring change to the workforce sector. They did so by offering employment and support services to fulfil some of the most significant challenges posed to a majority of the companies in their country.
By imparting premium training and education to skilled individuals, Sawaeed Employment LLC has transformed the services delivered in the oil, gas, facility management, hospitality and construction sectors. In addition to this, our organisation also serves the learning and development needs of C-Suite as well as middle and junior-level staff with a deep emphasis on enhancing the key competencies to drive business performance at all levels.
The company’s ethos and mode of operations place an emphasis on open communication and hard work; resultantly, we take pride in the fact that all of our employees display these principles in their daily tasks and work ethic. These employees shoulder their responsibilities comfortably wherever they are located and at all times. Their trustworthy nature and efficiency make them model employees.

We strongly believe that the employees and workers in a business are its biggest strengths, and this is why we invest in their thorough training without neglecting their most important needs.

Labour Staff Catering Services in uae
Labour Catering Services in abu dhabi

Labour Staff Catering Services

As previously mentioned, our catering services cater to our teams’ requirements and happily provide them with standardised, cost-effective food services. This is why we have built the necessary facilities for our workers! On the belief that comfortable lodgings and sustenance are essential and imperative to our workers’ well-being, we have seen great results. A happy workforce is a better workforce, and this is why our worker communities enjoy the benefits of several communal areas, sports centres, recreational facilities, and necessary medical services.

High-Quality Food

Food provided to the staff is compliant with client pre-approved standardisation, giving our patrons the confidence to trust us even more. We believe that providing our workers with nutritionally balanced food (that does not compromise on taste) improves not only their well-being but also has a positive impact on their productivity and the work environment.
Our priorities lie in delivering quality services to our loyal patrons and maintaining the highest safety standards for our hardworking employees. We take the utmost care to maintain the highest standards in food, accommodation, and transport service quality. This directly impacts the well-being and efficiency of our employees. By covering their physical needs, we try to remove all the hassle from remote site operations.

Labour Accommodation & Catering Services in uae
Labour Staff Catering Services in abu dhabi

One Vendor for All Needs

We work hard to eradicate the stress and hassle of sourcing multiple vendors to supply every service individually at compelling charges. Our method of providing boarding, transport, and food thus saves you the trouble of having to do it yourself administratively and financially.

As one of the largest manpower staffing solution services and training centres in the United Arab Emirates, our aim is to be the first choice for all our client’s training needs in the region. We aim to provide our robust services with a team of subject matter experts that help us deliver value-based manpower supply solutions.

Here at Sawaeed Manpower Outsourcing Solutions, we strive to maintain our position and reputation as the go-to manpower solution that all projects in the UAE are looking for. We pride ourselves in being able to provide skilled personnel and have faith in their skill sets to carry out their tasks. With every passing day, we work harder to show our workers and the world that we care.
We believe strongly that this has been achieved to a large extent owing to our alignment with Sawaeed Employment’s guiding principles and with the consistent support of our workforce and loyal patrons.
Our track record indicates that our workforce of able, efficient, and adept workers has transcended all expectations in every setting they have been put in and we work hard to preserve this momentum.

We take comfort and strongly believe that whatever the task our team of workers has been dispatched to, they will thrive and carry their work out with ease. With the power of thorough training, rest assured that Sawaeed Employment LLC will deliver and uphold the quality services delivered by our efficient working resource persons and blue-collar personnel.

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