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Sawaeed Employment LLC was established in 2006 with the dream of providing gainful employment and support services to the people of the United Arab Emirates. Coupled with the aim to transform the HR and staffing sectors, the 16 minds that set out to create this organisation intended to take care of some of the most significant challenges that organisations faced across all industries in the region and thus modelled the company to serve.

At present, Sawaeed Employment LLC is the United Arab Emirates’ most successful provider of quality human capital and resource personnel. We believe that the employees and workers in a business are the most important elements of the organisation. We have successfully expanded our operations and now take pride that our company’s workers also embody the principles of open communication, hard work and the willingness to shoulder responsibilities effectively while carrying out all their tasks.

As one of the best staff transport companies in UAE, we work hard to train and allow reliable and trustworthy individuals to carry out services in the fields of construction, oil, gas, facility management, and hospitality, amongst others. For this to happen successfully, we also invest time and resources into the well-being of our workers through quality food, accommodation and transport.

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staff transportation services in abu dhabi

Labour Staff Transportation Services

As mentioned above, we prioritise our team’s well-being and take care of their needs. To do so, we understand the requirement for standardised, cost-effective food, accommodation, and transport services.

We provide staff transport in Abu Dhabi with top-quality buses and trained drivers. Our logistics department has considerable experience in operating as well as managing a fleet of buses and coasters to transport employees from the accommodations to their respective workplaces and back.

The vehicles are neat, clean, comfortable and frequently checked to ensure their adherence to strict safety and hygiene standards.

High Safety and Hygiene Standards for Customers, and Employees

We provide quality services to our loyal customers while keeping an extra eye on maintaining the highest safety standards for our hardworking employees as well. We take the utmost care to maintain the highest standards in transport service quality as this directly impacts the well-being and efficiency of our employees. By covering their physical needs, we try to remove all the hassle from remote site operations and optimise their comfort. Simply put – a happy employee is a productive employee.

Labour staff Accommodation services in abu dhabi
Staff Transport Services In abu dhabi

Personnel Provided and Their Needs are Taken Care of – We have the whole package!

We provide our personnel services to ease the hassle of sourcing multiple vendors to supply the food, accommodation and transport services individually at extremely affordable charges… With this in mind, our methods of providing boarding, transport, and food thus save you the trouble of having to do it yourself administratively and financially. By providing these services combined, we show we care about the results of our workers’ efforts and their well-being as well!

We hope our performance in the field of infrastructure will earn us the honour of becoming the one-stop manpower solution that all projects are looking for. Our organisation can provide resource personnel who can carry out services in a plethora of services such as construction and building, oil and gas, and facility management manpower supply. Further to this, and perhaps most importantly, we pride ourselves on our standing in the corporate world as a company that cares for the service and their service people.

As one of the most successful staffing solution services and training centres in the United Arab Emirates, our aim is to be the first choice for all our client’s training needs in the region. We have a robust system and team of subject matter experts that help us deliver value-based manpower and staff supply solutions.

Our workforce of adept workers has succeeded in every setting they have been put in, and it is no doubt an added benefit of our guiding principles of the organisation being instilled within them! Whatever the task they have been dispatched to carry out in their respective training, our team always delivers with the power of perseverance and tireless efforts.

Sawaeed Employment LLC won’t let you down. Choose us for high-quality services, efficient personnel and a job well done.

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