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Who We Are​

Sawaeed Employment is the brainchild of Sawaeed Holding. Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2006 by a group of 16 UAE Nationals to create resolution through employment and support services to fulfill some of the most significant challenges facing organizations across all industries in the region.

To date, Sawaeed Employment has collaborated with over 450 companies with 120,000 White- and Blue-Collar personnel. We also strategically support venture and later stage businesses.

We intend to partner with exceptional government and large entities to champion their cause and turn their visions into reality.

It started with an utterly simple idea. Put the right people in the right jobs.

We find that many firms are in the lookout for outsourcing mainly for efficiency. We believe there is a huge opportunity to extend into the business enhancement strategy with more planning and engaging an experienced, quality-oriented individuals.

Labor & Workers Employment services in uae
Labor & Workers Employment in UAE

With services ranging from Labor & Workers Employment, Human Resource, IT, Customer Service, Legal, R&D, Transport, Catering, Sales, Marketing, Debt Collection and many others across all lines of businesses.

The demands for quality employees of the small- and large-scale businesses in the country has been rapidly growing by the day. Outsourcing has provided a way for many industries to find international top tech talent at a cost-effective rate to establish their firms or enhance their existing team.

Because of some Visa limitations and other labor-related issues, Sawaeed Employment came into the picture to simplify the process.

We have devised ways to understand the customers pain points, be it financial, productivity, process or support pain points and position outsourcing as the solution. This applies to all lines of businesses across all industries in the UAE.

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We began approaching customers to hire our workers on hourly/monthly basis and made sure employees are deployed properly. Every admin, HR-related tasks were managed by our company. This saved our Clients time up to 80% in managing tactical and transaction oriented routine HR operations and streamline their internal process to focus more on their core competencies and strategic tasks.

Likewise, we resolved employees’ issues on timely wages, living facilities and insurances by hiring bulk blue-collared employees all under our Visa Sponsorship. We provided them with Health and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance coverage, Emirates ID, payroll management, Salary transfer through WPS on a fixed date every month, provided them with good accommodation, transportation and food. In addition, we took care of their employment contracts, leave management, leave payments, tickets and end of service payments.

Thereafter, we started offering our services to other Private and Public Sectors such as Hospitality, Domestic, Oil & Gas (Onshore and Offshore) , Retail, Offices, Transport, Landscaping, Government Offices, Facility Management and others.

We have hired over 120,000 employees and workers to date and successfully provided the outsourcing services that bested the expectations of our customers in response to the market demand.

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