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With 15 years in the hospitality and domestic helpers staffing industry, we understand the importance of having great employees – that’s why we, as a leading hospitality recruitment agency in the UAE, are dedicated to finding you the perfect addition to your team. Our services offer a variety of staffing solutions customized to fit your needs. Sawaeed provides the flexibility to meet demands, grow your business, and keep your overhead low. Learn more about our best-in-class solutions today.

Hotel staff

We understand the importance of hiring highly qualified professionals and their potential impact on your business. As a leading hospitality recruitment agency in Dubai, Sawaeed provides the best skilled, experienced, and hard-working personnel. This includes housekeeping, kitchen, banquet, restaurant, and golf course staff as well as department supervisor staff.

We are devoted to one goal: helping your hotel improve guest satisfaction and quality scores while lowering costs. With our expertise as one of the best hospitality recruitment agencies in Dubai, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for custom quotes and specialized services. We promise, you won’t find a more dedicated hotel staffing company in UAE, driven by our commitment to excellence in hospitality recruitment.

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Hospitality and Domestic Workers Services in UAE

Domestic Helpers

The number of these workers are pouring into the city and it is increasing steadily in developed countries like the UAE. As a renowned hospitality job consultancy in Dubai, we have come to learn that a one-size-fits-all solution is not suitable for everyone. Our domestic worker recruitment process, refined through our experience as one of the top hospitality recruitment agencies in Dubai, is in-depth to effectively choose the most excellent possible candidate with whom we could trust our household. This approach ensures that we meet the unique needs of each household, providing personalized and reliable staffing solutions.

Events Staff

Hiring temporary event staff shouldn’t mean settling for just anyone on site. At Sawaeed, recognized as one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai for hospitality, we’ve built up a network of quality event staff. Our team is experienced in everything from the building and erecting of temporary structures to setting up seating, clean up, and serving as event ushers and marshals.

Our clients have high expectations for their events, which is understandable considering the planning, passion, and expense that go into them. As one of the top hospitality recruitment specialists in Dubai, our reliable and experienced event staff understands the importance of getting every detail right. They are willing to put in the required effort and hours, reflecting our commitment to excellence in hospitality event staffing.

Hospitality and Domestic Workers Services in uae


Nowadays, the restaurant business has changed dramatically, and companies in the catering business are searching for reliable and proficient specialists who can carry out their business efficiently. At Sawaeed, a provider of hospitality recruitment services, we understand the challenges of operating a successful restaurant business. From managers, chefs, servers, and janitorial workers, we, through our hospitality recruitment agencies in Sharjah, have the right team in place to help you get your restaurant business off the ground.

Our expertise in hospitality recruitment services ensures that each staff member we provide is not just qualified, but also aligns with the specific needs and culture of your restaurant, ensuring a seamless integration into your business operations.

Elderly and Special Needs Caregivers

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and while many seniors lean on friends and family members for support, there may be instances when it’s necessary to seek additional assistance or long-term care. We understand these needs intimately. Any senior finding themselves in need of a little extra help in their daily life might benefit from the services of a family caregiver, but they are not always available for long-term care. In this case, a private duty home senior caregiver is the next best thing. These professionals, sourced through our expertise as one of the top hospitality recruitment agencies in Ras Al Khaimah, may be the perfect answer for those who need assistance in non-medical aspects of their lives, which have become challenging as a result of aging. Call our team to find out more about how we can assist in providing compassionate and skilled caregivers for your loved ones.
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Staffing Agency for Hospitality Industry

Tourism Staff

As part of the government’s strategy to maintain its spot as a leading tourism destination, there arises a need for more people to help realize this objective. At Sawaeed, we are instrumental in hospitality labour supply in Ajman, playing a pivotal role in fulfilling this need. We utilize advanced tools to compare the core competencies of our candidates to find the ideal match for both the role and the clients. Our commitment to hospitality labour supply in Fujairah ensures that we provide well-trained and competent individuals who can contribute significantly to the thriving tourism sector. By aligning our recruitment strategies with the government’s vision, we help maintain and enhance the region’s reputation as a premier destination.

FMCG and Retail Staff

The hustle and bustle of FMCG establishments around the city is packed with F&B workers from various experiences and backgrounds. Our in-depth understanding of the industry standards, as one of the leading hospitality manpower supply companies in Dubai, allows us to proactively hunt for the right individuals based on the uniqueness of the corporate culture.

Our role is to ensure that each individual we supply not only meets the industry standards but also aligns perfectly with your company’s unique culture and needs. This approach guarantees a smooth integration of staff into your operations, enhancing both efficiency and productivity.

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Hospitality & Domestic Manpower Employment

In the last decade, the hospitality sector has witnessed a significant boom for all the right reasons. With the rise in popularity of this sector, there is now an increased demand for hospitality staffing solutions. If you are a new player in the hospitality industry or an existing one looking to scale, you need expert solutions from the right hospitality employment agency.

Without an efficient employment agency, you might lose yourself trying to find the right candidates from a pool of applicants. This is where we can come to your rescue! Our team of consultants at Sawaeed Employment LLC will help you overcome this challenge and make the employment process effortless.

As the region’s leading integrated and comprehensive training centre, we’ll ensure you recruit only the best candidates. We provide proper training and education that has been licensed by Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical & Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET). This ensures that we stay committed to establishing policies and standards that regulate other educational institutions. We do our best to identify, evaluate and place the most extraordinary talents in the hospitality industry.

Domestic Staffing Solution

As an establishment geared towards developing and recruiting the best talents to enhance business performance, we have always focused on improving our service. Building strong relations with our clients is one of our core business ideals, and we always pay close attention to our client’s requirements. Undoubtedly, the workforce is the company’s backbone, and our team of staffing experts is always on the lookout for fresh talents. We do our best to ensure that the selection process is conducted mindfully and our clients get nothing but the best human resources. To do this, we conduct several rounds of interviews to ensure that your company gets the best talents that are out there. If you are on the lookout for state-of-the-art, effective domestic staffing solutions, this is the right place.

We Are The Experts In Hospitality Staffing

There are plenty of hospitality recruitment agencies in UAE, but our client testimonials will tell you that we are the best in the market. If you are wondering what makes us experts in this field, let us explain: We have a wealth of experience in hospitality recruitment and know how to match suitable candidates to opportunities. Once you work with us, you will have nothing to worry about as we shoulder the entire recruitment load. From the start to the end, we will assist in the entire hiring process. We will take your input from time to time to ensure we are on track and will hire the most suitable candidates for the advertised roles. However, this is not where our services end. After the recruitment, we conduct in-depth orientation to ensure that candidates are introduced to your company’s core values.

We Serve Businesses Across The UAE

We had a humble beginning in 2017, providing a varied range of vocational training in multiple fields like hospitality, oil and gas, and facility management. Through our expert team of recruiters, we test the candidates to see who will fit your business requirements the most.

We At Sawaeed Employment LLC Offer Comprehensive Services

Providing services that do not leave any scope for our clients to complain is our core business ideal. To ensure that it stays that way, we mainly focus on the following two things:
  • We Follow Up With You Throughout The Process: It goes without saying that businesses today are pretty fluid, and so are their recruitment needs. All companies are unique and have different hiring requirements. To ensure that all your needs are met, we focus on following up with you and the potential candidates that you are looking to hire. We are always up to date with your requirements and pay special attention to ensuring that your business ideals are placed at the forefront.
  • We Screen Your Candidates Very Carefully: To ensure that we find only the best talents to take your business forward, we conduct in-depth screening of each candidate. The screening process not only helps to eliminate those unsuitable for a role but also reveals the area in which a candidate will perform the best. While screening the candidates, we check if they have the hard and soft skills necessary to craft a valuable and enjoyable customer experience. Through our intensive screening rounds, we assess the different skills that a candidate possesses. We put particular emphasis on testing the technological proficiency of the candidates as there is a rising tech integration in the hospitality industry. As one of the leading hospitality recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, we will help you find staff who are well trained and ready to give your customers the best services possible.

Our Vision

As an establishment geared toward employment solutions and vocational training, we aim to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience. We put in hard work to ensure that our service speaks for itself. In the coming years, we aim only to improve further by working on innovative training and assessment solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing market. Change is the only constant, and we keep our solutions fluid to ensure we can accommodate new ideas. Our aim is to usher in growth and success with open arms, constantly upskill and be ready, come what may. We believe that only when we are constantly learning. We can help our clients take the competency of their workforce a notch higher.

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Selecting the right hospitality recruitment agency in Dubai, UAE, involves evaluating their expertise in the hospitality industry and checking client reviews. Ensuring alignment with your specific needs will lead to successful staffing for your hospitality business.

Hospitality recruitment services can provide various roles, such as chefs, servers, front desk staff, housekeeping, management, etc. These specialised staffing solutions cater to the diverse needs of the hospitality industry, ensuring the right fit for different positions.

Hospitality recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, UAE, can provide specialised staffing solutions, ensuring access to trained and experienced personnel. This enhances the quality of service, increases efficiency, and allows hospitality businesses to focus on core operations.

Yes, staff supplied through hospitality recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are well-trained and qualified. They often undergo rigorous training and assessment to meet the requirements and standards of the hospitality industry.

Yes, through hospitality facilities management, you can hire staff on both temporary and permanent bases. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor staffing solutions to their needs, whether for seasonal demands or long-term employment.

Hospitality recruitment services ensure the quality of candidates through screening, interviews, and validation of credentials. This rigorous process ensures that candidates match the requirements and standards of the hospitality industry, resulting in the selection of highly competent personnel.

Yes, a hospitality recruitment agency in Dubai, UAE, can assist with specialised staffing needs, including event planning. Their expertise in the hospitality sector enables them to identify and recruit professionals with the experience needed for various specialised roles.

The time to fill a position through hospitality facilities management can vary based on the role’s complexity and requirements. Generally, it might take a few days to several weeks to find the ideal candidate who fits the specific needs.

A hospitality recruitment consultant typically looks for qualifications or experience such as basic housekeeping, cooking, or childcare training for domestic helper roles. Depending on the specific position, personal attributes like reliability, honesty, and good communication skills might also be essential.

Many hospitality recruitment services agencies can assist with the visa and immigration process for domestic helpers. They often provide comprehensive services that include handling necessary legal and administrative procedures, making the hiring process more streamlined for employers and employees.

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