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A Guide to Selecting the Best Employment Services

Are you searching for the best manpower recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi? Then you must go through this guide to select the right employment agency.

Choosing the right employment agency is often a difficult task. You need to consider several factors before deciding on one, such as whether it works for any organization or is an individual firm. It is important to understand how they work and what services they offer to the customers.

Working with the best recruitment agencies helps you save time and money, as well as from the risk of making a poor hire. The most important advantage of working with hiring agencies is that they provide you with candidates who have better skills than those found elsewhere.

As an experienced recruitment agency, we know what you should consider and look out for when hiring someone. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you select the best employment services in Abu Dhabi.

Classification of Recruiting Firm

Employment Agency 

Employment agencies connect job seekers with employers and charge some fees from the job seekers in return. At the same time, some agencies are hired by organizations to find employers. In that case, the company pays them. Find out the T&C before working with any agency.

Headhunter or Recruiter 

These are the individuals that help you in the job search. Some of them are the employees of the firm. In such cases, the recruiter will approach you and ask you to apply for the specific position in a firm they represent.

Executive Search Firm

Several types of firms are specialized in specific sectors like Finance or accounts, categorized into two parts.

  1. Contingency employment Agency 

Employers use contingency employment outsourcing services when fishing for low and mid-level employees. Such agencies receive many resumes and get paid when the candidate they present gets hired.

  1. Retained Search Firm 

These firms specialize in hiring high-level employees. They are given a certain amount of time to find the right candidate and are paid whether or not the employee is hired. Their salary includes expenses related to finding a candidate and a percentage of their salary. This method is often used in the healthcare industry.

When to use a recruiter?

Finding the right job takes a lot of effort. If you have sent your resume to many firms and have yet to receive an interview call, then a recruiter can help you in such circumstances.

Recruiters extend your job search, exposing your profile to other potential employees and thus increasing the likelihood of getting a job.

How to select an employment agency?

Look for those that specialize in your specific industry. 

They should have a good understanding of the qualifications and market. They must also provide you assistance in drafting your resume in a way that attracts the employer.

Interview the recruiter 

To get a better idea of the recruiter’s experience, ask about the time they’ve spent working with the company. Talk to them so you can be sure they know about the company well. Doing this will help you feel more confident that they’ll be able to help you find an opportunity with a good fit.

Ask for references

If you are looking for a job in the United Arab Emirates, try asking people who have worked with UAE recruitment agencies to see if they enjoyed their experience. Ask about the agency’s services and how well they performed.

Continue with your job search

You should not rely entirely on employment agencies to help with your job search. Instead, continue your job search and send your resumes. Candidates should not simply settle down and wait after sending CVs to the employment agencies but also consider other job openings.


In this blog post, we have enclosed all the information you need to find the best employment services in the UAE. We recommend that candidates continue their job search and hire the most qualified recruiters in Abu Dhabi.

Do you still have any questions regarding the employment development services? Then post your response below in the comments section.


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