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Top 10 White Collar Jobs for You to Consider in 2023

Top 10 White Collar Jobs for You to Consider in 2023

White-collar jobs have existed for decades and have continuously gained popularity. They differ vastly from what is defined as blue-collar jobs in terms of skill set and labor. Blue-collar jobs are assumed to involve more physical labor and a more hands-on skill set, like construction or maintenance work. White-collar jobs are identified to resemble an office setting which usually requires a university degree from a reputable educational institution. These jobs are usually found in the healthcare, hospitality and technology sectors.

It was also observed that employment rates in the white-collar industry sectors are expected to rise by 10-15% by 2026. The reason could be the attractive pay and job security that comes with these jobs. Naturally, you can assume that the competition for these jobs is fierce, but it can be easily secured if you have the appropriate skill set and a reputable educational degree.

But what exactly is a white-collar job?

As mentioned earlier, these jobs usually involve administrative or managerial work in an office environment. For example, you might have friends and family that work in these kinds of occupations. Such as a project manager, accountant or even an assistant. Since these jobs require a certain level of cognition, education and specific skills are mandatory for smart workflows. Some people also ask for the assistance of a white-collar recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi to help them secure a position.

You can also include more people-centric occupations like law enforcement or healthcare work white-collar jobs. These kinds of occupations require individuals to have leadership and time management skills for them to be successful at their job. You might be wondering what the best white-collar jobs you can secure are.

Here are the top 10 white-collar jobs in 2023:

1. Financial Manager

Financial managers assist organizations by preparing financial reports, suggesting cost-cutting methods, and handling legal notices related to budgets. To become a financial manager, you need to have a degree in finance, business administration, accounting, or any related field.

2. Doctor

Doctors worldwide hold some of the highest-paying jobs in the white-collar field. They diagnose different health conditions and suggest ways to treat them. There are different kinds of doctors, like cardiologists, ENT specialists, chiropractors, etc., and the pay varies for each specialist. To become a doctor, you need to have a degree in medicine, such as MBBS or MS. The education and training at the bachelor’s level go for at least four years, followed by a master’s degree.

3. Software Developer

Software developers create, update, and maintain computer applications. They are responsible for testing the software before it is released to the public, ensuring it meets quality standards. Software developers can be employed in various industries and have different titles depending on their job functions.

4. Research Analyst

A research analyst predicts future outcomes of a company’s product by collecting data, interpreting them, and making predictions. They perform market research and study competitors and consumer behavior to determine which products are successful and why. To become a research analyst, you should get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. You can obtain certification in statistics, marketing, or research methods to enhance your employability.

5. Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst protects an organization’s computer systems, monitoring the design, implementation, and evaluation of the company’s data. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, cybersecurity, or related fields can help you fill this white-collar worker’s job list.

6. Therapist

Therapists diagnose mental health conditions, develop treatment strategies for clients, and track their progress. They also refer clients to specialists as necessary. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is required to work in therapy; you can pursue certifications related to your area of interest or specialization.

7. Management Consultant

A management consultant provides a detailed report on how a business operates and what can be done to increase profits and improve efficiency. In addition, they assist businesses in increasing their profits through consulting services and advise them on maximizing profits through effective management practices.

8. Architect

Architects are trained professionals who create long-lasting, safe and appealing buildings using architectural tools. The architect designs usable environments and brings life to simple ideas. They hear the client’s requirements and perform the project’s construction, documentation, and design.

9. Lawyer

A lawyer may be the right fit if you’re looking for a high-paying career in politics, law and government, business administration or health care. As a lawyer, you can use your legal expertise to influence trial outcomes, assist people in navigating difficult situations, and more.

10. Dentist

Dentists diagnose and treat disorders of the teeth, oral tissues, and mouth. They do this using various techniques such as x-rays, dental drills and pulpectomies (surgical removal of pulp tissue).

You can choose which white-collar pro career to pursue, and any one of these occupations will be very rewarding. Not to mention the status that is carried with these jobs. Although these jobs may be competitive and are still vulnerable to economic downturns, you can rest assured that securing a white-collar job is a well-thought-out step in a professional career. So be sure to do more research on the field you want to dive into and experiment with different skill sets. If you find it overwhelming to find these jobs yourself, you can always seek the help of a white-collar recruitment agency in UAE.


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